Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Burning Fat with Whole Grain

Burning Fat with Whole Grain

Whole grains

“Wait,” you may say, “I thought grains and carbs were what make people gain weight.” Truth is, whole grains are both an excellent source of nutrition and a great way to lose weight. Whole grains can be anything from wheat to oatmeal to brown rice. These whole grains have vital elements that help burn fat and keep you healthy and trim.

What makes whole grains “whole”?
The main difference between whole grains and refined grains is that whole grains still have the bran and germ intact. The bran is the grain’s husk that is usually removed in the milling process. The germ is a concentrated part of the grain that is rich in nutrients, though it is also often removed in the milling process. The bran and germ are both nutrient-rich resources that remain intact in whole grains. This means that you get more of the good stuff and less filler.

Whole Grains Burn Fat
First off, whole grains are inherently low in fat content. This means that eating whole grains (instead of refined grains) will already lower the amount of fat consumed. This is essential in a weight loss program focused on burning fat. The nutrients in the whole grains will also play a vital role in keeping your body in optimum health.

Another great thing about whole grains is they are full of complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are great in the fat burning process for multiple reasons. They break down slower that simple carbohydrates found in refined grains, which helps keep your blood sugar level and keeps your body working like it’s supposed to. They also are a significant part of your body’s energy sources. Fueling your body with “premium fuel” (i.e. whole grains) will help your body burn fat better.
Whether it’s some protein with some brown rice or a healthy sandwich made on whole wheat bread, whole grains will help you burn fat, stay slim, and make you feel better than ever.